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Anger Management

Anger tends to get in the way of people throughout their daily routine and experiences.  This causes many to have imbalanced confrontations with other’s around them.  Sometimes it can hurt their work ethics, if anger comes in the form of rage.

In reality they fail to realize that the anger they are expressing is actually creating an anger filled electromagnetic field around them.  This tends to attract anger type of situations.  Plus, people who enter their electromagnetic field are more apt to feel unease around them.  The intense anger is clouding their view to the point that it seems that everyone is out to get them.  They feel like everyone is gossiping about them.  They end up not being able to live in healthy social relationships and friends come and go.  Their family don’t know how to deal with them.

The anger’s essence is fear.  The root of every imbalanced emotion expressed is fear.  There is a key to healing the fear causing this intense anger.  It is to look within and see the root cause of fear and anger.  The best way to do this is through meditation with breathing. Here is a wonderful excercise:

Releasing anger and fear through breathing is a great excercise. The first thing that needs to be done is putting your self into a total relaxed state through breathing deeply in and out.  This may take 3-5 minutes depending on your experience of meditating.  After total relaxation you can begin visualizing the imbalanced emotional energies.  It’s very important to feel the energy of fear and anger because facing anything that get’s in your way opens doorways to grander things.  The next step is to thank the imbalanced energies for showing you a part of your self that you are not.  By  embracing and thanking them for showing you a part of your self that you are not will open the opportunity of releasing the imbalanced energies.  Finally, imagine breathing out the imbalanced emotional energies into the light and breathing in loving and balanced energies.  This can be done for 3-5 minutes or longer.  The length and time may depend on the person because the individual may fear of losing a part of themselves by facing the fear within. 

 You have to realize that this part of the self in essence is not who you are.  Fear and anger comes from ego, the illusive self.


Eric Breault

Releasing Pain/Blockages

Emotional and physical pain is a common occurence throughout humanity.  People constantly get trapped in the emotional dramas, which causes intense stress and instability.  In the long run they eventually start to get physical ailments that manifest from years of stress and imbalanced thought patterns.  Ruining themselves by getting caught up with the debilitating imbalanced thought patterns is also blocking the natural flow of the divine energy.

The divine energy is like the charge for the battery.  Without the charge, in the long run the battery eventually weakens and dies out.  All the imbalanced thought patterns are manifesting blockages.  As the blockages intensify, pain begins to surface.  Those who keep holding onto the blockages, eventually will feel weaker in the long run.  Finally cancer and debilitating diseases begin to surface.  There goes the human battery.

It is very important for you to release the blockages because they are a message that you are blocking the flow of the divine energy. The best way to do this is through breathing, relaxation, meditation, yoga, excercise and holistic healing.  These simple things are beneficial ways to release blockages and pain that weakens the divine energy channeling through you.


Eric Breault


Take time for you!!!

“My cat Reiki is reminding me to take time for myself.  He truly was in the moment when I took this picture. Animals can be true reminders for us to breathe and stay focused on the gift called this moment.”


These days people tend to not have any time for themselves.  They are always busy satisfying other’s.  It is very healthy to have some selfish time. You don’t have to wait until you are burnt out to find time for you.

Time for you is all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. You can go out and enjoy nature through walking in the woods or sitting out under the patio to hear the sound of birds.  You can even take a nice long quiet bath with lit candles, smell of incense and serene music playing in the background.  Another wonderful activity is rejuvinating your self through silence meditation.

Go ahead and try taking time for the person called you.


Eric Breault

Deep Thought



In the midst of all the diversity throughout the world, people express hatred towards each other.  Throughout humanity; the differences of races, faiths and belief systems create judgemental behavior in people.

The key to manifesting a world based on love is to create a bridge between all races, religions and faiths.  It’s important to be respectful towards the diverse races and religions throughout the world.  Having an open heart amongst humanity is truly expressing your oneness connection with all.



Eric Breault