Take time for you!!!

“My cat Reiki is reminding me to take time for myself.  He truly was in the moment when I took this picture. Animals can be true reminders for us to breathe and stay focused on the gift called this moment.”


These days people tend to not have any time for themselves.  They are always busy satisfying other’s.  It is very healthy to have some selfish time. You don’t have to wait until you are burnt out to find time for you.

Time for you is all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. You can go out and enjoy nature through walking in the woods or sitting out under the patio to hear the sound of birds.  You can even take a nice long quiet bath with lit candles, smell of incense and serene music playing in the background.  Another wonderful activity is rejuvinating your self through silence meditation.

Go ahead and try taking time for the person called you.


Eric Breault