Releasing Pain/Blockages

Emotional and physical pain is a common occurence throughout humanity.  People constantly get trapped in the emotional dramas, which causes intense stress and instability.  In the long run they eventually start to get physical ailments that manifest from years of stress and imbalanced thought patterns.  Ruining themselves by getting caught up with the debilitating imbalanced thought patterns is also blocking the natural flow of the divine energy.

The divine energy is like the charge for the battery.  Without the charge, in the long run the battery eventually weakens and dies out.  All the imbalanced thought patterns are manifesting blockages.  As the blockages intensify, pain begins to surface.  Those who keep holding onto the blockages, eventually will feel weaker in the long run.  Finally cancer and debilitating diseases begin to surface.  There goes the human battery.

It is very important for you to release the blockages because they are a message that you are blocking the flow of the divine energy. The best way to do this is through breathing, relaxation, meditation, yoga, excercise and holistic healing.  These simple things are beneficial ways to release blockages and pain that weakens the divine energy channeling through you.


Eric Breault