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Eric Breault also incorporates diverse psychic readings that includes mediumship, angel guidance, past life cell memory and forseeing your possible future blueprint.

He emphasizes the strong importance of psychic readings being viewed as beyond entertainment and parlor trick practices.  He instead see’s it as an honorable sacred practice of giving valuable and credible messages to clients. Essentially, the divine purpose of these readings are to heal, redirect and empower you.


This reading will allow Eric to divinely connect with the realm of spirits who can be deceased family members and friends.  From the messages of your loved ones who crossed over, you will be able to experience closure and comfort with their passing.

Angel Guidance

Eric has a strong connection with the angelic realm.  He see’s these beings as wonderful teachers who have come here to assist and guide humanity through their awakeing process.  The messages coming from these beings are very strong and literal.  They truly are remarkable, humorous and humble in the messages as well.  The wisdom of the angels will guide you out of challenging situations and towards enlightenment and your divine purpose.

Past Life/Experiences

He will also connect with your energy field. This will allow him to see your divine matrix soul blueprint. He will be able to look at your past lives and childhood experiences. In doing so, he will be able to guide you, so that you can release the negative experiences of the past.  You will experience releasing, letting go and healing throughout the whole process of this reading.  You will leave feeling lighter, empowered and uplifted from this reading.

Future Blueprint

This type of reading combines the divine connection of the angels and connecting with your divine blueprint life path through your energy field.  The messages will give you the current path you are on and where you are heading towards in the future.  You may recieve guidance and redirection, if you are faced with challenges that are inhibiting you from moving towards your true purpose/divine blueprint life path. Remember, the future can change according to your perception and belief system.  You are actually creators of your own life blueprint.  Eric and the archangels will assist you in releasing any blockages that blocks the flow of your divine blueprint.  Through this reading, you have the ability to get back into alignment with your divine blueprint life path.

Cost of Readings



Readings at location with Eric Breault

$30.00 for 30 minutes

$40.00 for 40 minutes

$65.00 for an hour

Please contact Eric Breault at if interested.  He will explain what needs to be done below. 

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