Reiki and Sound Healings

Eric Breault is the owner of the Quantum Tones Healing Center. He is a Quantum Tone Healer who uses crystal and bronze singing bowls along with Reiki treatments. Reiki and sound will channel through a client’s body and release negative blockages that manifest with health issues. Client’s report feeling relaxed, less pain and increased spiritual awareness after their treatment.


Individual and Group Blessings

He also does individual and group blessing ceremonies throughout New Hampshire,Maine and Vermont. The ceremonies include guided meditation, sound meditation, smudging, inspirational wisdom from the divine. Eric Breault taps into the higher dimensional energies where he can connect with the grid. The purpose of this connection is to assist healing the planet. As he taps into this connection, he will relay spiritual wisdom that will energetically shift you to a higher state of awareness. You will awaken you to the realization of your oneness, a connection with the divine energy. During this blessing, you will experience healing, relaxation, spiritual progression and heightened awareness of self.

Spiritual and Life Coaching

Eric Breault is a self taught spiritual coach and an educated life coach. He has been through an intense spiritual journey of awakening in the past decade. He spent time with a group of spiritual minded catholic nuns in Cuernavacaback in 2006 as part of “The Liberation in Theology” course at Springfield College of Human Services. The Nuns inMexicotaught him the value of spirituality and showing him ways how people can liberate themselves through spirituality. Eric Breault also earned his Bachelor’s in Human Services; he learned techniques that will inspire, motivate and enlighten people by overcoming the fears that prevents their progression in life. By combing the two coaching skills with his clients; it will allow them to liberate their mind, body and soul.

Intuitive Guidance Readings

Eric Breault also offers intuitive gudance services. He will connect with your energy field. This will allow him to see your divine blue print. He will be able to look at your past lives and childhood experiences. In doing so, he will be able to guide you, so that you can release the negative experiences of the past that prevents you from following your true path.

Cost of Services

Reiki & Sound Healing: $50.00

Individual Blessings: $40.00/hr or $60.00/2hrs

Group Blessings:  $20.00/person

Spiritual or Life Coaching: $40.00/session

Intuitive Guidance/Psychic Readings: $30.00/30 min. or $65.00/hr


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